About the Authors


Tim Boomer discovered the bass in 1969. His first gigs were with the Latin/Jazz/Rock Fusion band Taxi in the ‘70s, and he’s now played with his originals band, Offbeats, for nearly three decades. Since 2004, he and Mick Berry have played together in eight bands. After 20 years in mainframe systems programming, he now teaches bass, performs in bands (with and without Mick), builds web sites, and records videos and bands in his studio in Berkeley.


Mick Berry has been playing drums for over 35 years and is the co-author (with Jason Gianni) of The Drummer’s Bible. He has toured in numerous bands across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He has accompanied Henry Butler, E.C. Scott, Eddie Henderson, and Michael Wolf. He has also written and performed three critically acclaimed one-man plays.


Chaz Bufe holds a degree in music theory/composition. He’s the author of An Understandable Guide to Music Theory: The Most Useful Aspects of Theory for Rock, Jazz & Blues Musicians. Since switching to guitar at age 40 (from piano), he’s performed in a number of blues/jazz bands. He’s currently the guitarist in Tucson’s Pinche Blues Band.

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