Peter Laustsen’s Bass Blog


I got an email from Peter who just got the 2nd Edition of my book. He is from Norway (he lives in Bergen) and he plays and also teaches bass in a local High School. He has a great blog, sharing “Life as a Bassist and a Music Teacher.”  He is doing interesting things on his I-Pad, for example, using an App called “Good Notes” to write ideas down – free form –  in Bass Clef and he is doing all kinds of other stuff that many of us would never think of. Very cool! Even if you do not speak Norwegian, you can read his blog, via Google Translate. Just to to Google’s main page, look for “More” and then “Translate” (at the top) and in the box paste in his URL.

Here Peter’s Blog (a particular post where he also mentions my book) :

Thank you for sharing, Peter!

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