PJACK – New Bass


I have mentioned Paul Jackson many times in my blog, videos, and on the Bassist’s Bible site and have been fortunate to be able to say he is a contributor to my book and a friend. As his web designer we have had a lot of discussions about his approach to music and about bass in general. It has been a privilege two work with him over the years I have known him.

Paul would always let me know when he was in town so we could catch up and also do a little business. It us always fun to talk to him about the bass and music. A few years ago, Paul sent me an email saying he wasn’t going to be on the west coast that summer but he was giving me a bass!

I drove to the south bay and found a hidden rehearsal studio where a band was working on sets to perform that weekend at Yoshi’s consisting of Larry Coryell: Guitar, his son Julian Coryell: Guitar, Cindy Blackman Santana: Drums, George Brooks: Sax, and another contributor to my book’s Brazilian chapter, Gary Brown: Bass. I got to meet the band, and was invited to the gig that weekend – and – Daniel Meza, the film maker who was documenting a biography of Larry Coryell and that gig in particular, gave me Paul’s bass. Wow. I am still amazed at Paul’s generosity. This is essentially the same bass that Paul plays, and of course he played it a lot! Her name is Akiko.  Paul is such a gentleman and a scholar!

The picture at the top of the post is of me later that afternoon picking up Akiko for the first time. (Photo credit – Micaela Marsden.)

Here is a link to one of the tunes played by Larry Coryell’s band that weekend at Yoshi’s – courtesy of Daniel Meza who is working on an upcoming film featuring him and that band,:

For more information about Paul Jackson, visit his web site Pauljacksonbass dot com. You will find video, bass lessons, info about his new album and tours.

And you can reach Daniel Meza’s Youtube Channel has a lot of video and info including the Azteca: La Piedra Del Sol [Trailer] featuring Paul Jackson with the re-united Azteca.

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