The Legba Beat and the Migration of Styles Across the Globe


It is no coincidence that we chose New Orleans Funk as the opening style of the Funk chapter in my book, The Bassist’s Bible. New Orleans Funk is not only a foundation in the larger style of Funk, historically, but we also used it to introduce the musical concept of…

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The 2nd Edition Cover

Bassists Bible 2nd Edition Cover

Bassists Bible 2nd Edition Cover

Welcome to the Bassist’s Bible blog site. Now that the work is done on the 2nd Edition I will be sharing excerpts from the book as well as other bass related info. This may include history, written examples, audio examples or video from the book or thoughts and concepts about bass in the context of songwriting or playing in bands.

In case you might be wondering, that is a picture of me (Tim Boomer) on the cover. Micaela Marsden is the designer and she and my publisher Chaz Bufe really liked this picture. I am not sure I would have chosen to have my mug on the book cover but my designer and publisher disagreed.